Monday, August 27, 2012


Alright, so, just shy of a month later, I return to making blog posts.

The trip to the British Isles was a good one, instructive in a number of ways and entertaining in just about as many.  Importantly, it threw some things into significant relief for me, helping me to gain some perspective on issues I have considered from time to time, and I appreciate that.

Those who know me know that I keep a journal, and for the trip, I picked up an extra volume.  In it, I wrote nearly two hundred pages, and while much of it simply accounts for my reactions to and understandings of what I did and saw while in Ireland and the UK, some of it offers me directions to go as I continue my researches.

For I intend to do so.  I still have a job teaching full-time at a technical college, for which I am thankful (there were layoffs while I was away, and some folks I know were affected).  I retain the beliefs that I need to improve in my performance of my job and that I can best do so by furthering my own knowledge.  Some of that will come in the form of coursework such as that I did at the University of Cambridge during the month, but more of it will come from my development of knowledge through research into the literary works of the English language.

I have notes to sift through and papers to write, and I am happy about both.