Sunday, March 13, 2011


I hate Daylight Savings Day.

I was supposed to have counted the collection plates at my church this morning. When I woke up after a troubled night of sleep, I looked over at my alarm clock, which read 8:00am. I remembered that I had not set the clocks forward like I was supposed to have done, and it occurred to me that it was really 9am--just a few minutes before I needed to leave to go to church. Knowing at that point that there would be no way I could make it to church on time--I was in need of a shower and a shave, after all--I decided that the clock had beaten me.

When I got upstairs to look at what was going on in the world, though, I noticed that my cell phone and my computer both read the same time that my alarm clock had. I know that both connect to the outside world, and when I looked at the US Naval Observatory website, I found that it, too, showed the same time.

My alarm clock had automatically updated.

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