Friday, September 9, 2011


Today, I taught two classes at the technical college where I am employed as a full-time instructor (I think the job more that of a lecturer...).  In the second of them, a freshman composition class, a student piped up and claimed that he would earn an A "because [he's] a writer, you know."  Not long after, the same student commented that he loves to write but hates to read.

I smiled sweetly at him.  It was not a surprise when he turned in what he turned in for the day's writing assignment.

I am amazed at the idea that a person can write without reading--I know it is not true, but it surprises me that that is not immediately obvious to people.  Does anyone expect to be able to shoot a basketball without seeing others shoot?  Does anyone expect to be able to throw tsuki iriminage without seeing it done?  Really?

I wonder how long it will take the student to learn the lesson he seems to need to learn.

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