Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tomorrow, I leave The City for what will be nearly a month in the middle of the United States, the so-called "fly-over country" that all too many folks on the East and West Coasts disregard as consisting wholly of idiots and racist rednecks and without which they would likely starve to death.  Planned events include my being hooded for my PhD and spending several weeks with family in central Texas and central Iowa, as well as trips to local aikido dojo so that I can do something to keep my meager skills in that art from deteriorating while I am away.

The thought of spending the amount of time with my family that I will get is a pleasant one.  The knowledge that I do so at the cost of being away from my home, my life, and my lovely, loving wife is far less so.  I will miss the apartment and the wonderful woman with whom I live in it terribly, so I have another thing to look forward to this trip.

Coming home.

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