Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I know that it has been some time since I posted to this blog.  Once again, I have been busy, although this time, it has not been so much with work (as it probably ought to have been).  Instead, I have been privileged to take part in an event sanctioned by a game which I have long played, Legend of the Five Rings.

That event has been the online Winter Court.  I have very much enjoyed getting to play, to contribute once again to the ongoing and evolving storyline of L5R; I have been able to do so before, once or twice.  Each time, it has been an honor; I have played L5R since my first semester of undergraduate study, approaching thirteen years ago, now, and to have had the opportunity several times to directly influence the guiding narrative of the game...it is an excellent thing.

Although this will be a brief note, I wonder if I might be able to find time in and among the many things that I have going to run some kind of academic project from the proceedings...certainly, there is much to do with narrative and character development within it, and corpus analysis might actually turn up some intriguing ideas.


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