Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am well aware that it has been some time since I wrote anything in this space.  I am just recently returned from a break in teaching, and I actually took the break more or less off.  So I feel reasonably well rested and ready to proceed into things.

Among those things are the ever-present dissertation--which I am still working on, if perhaps too slowly--and my ongoing readings.  I am in the middle of the most recent CCC at the moment, and, as usual, I have found much to provoke thought in it.  I have no doubt that my responses to it, belated though they are, will appear here before too long.

Some of the materials I prepared for my teaching have served to remind me that I do view a large part of my role as a scholar as being bringing new information and understanding to people.  I have discussed this before, and so I am not going to rehash it, but I do find my commitment to that idea renewed as I begin again on the many projects that I have facing me.

And now I need to move on to another couple of them.

One of note, one to which I should like particular attention paid, is my proposed special session for the South Central Modern Language Association conference, which will be in San Antonio, Texas, this November.  My session is titled Bullshit Studies, and it looks at the forms and deployment of various written and spoken instances of "bullshit"--as defined by Frankfurt and a number of others--so see how they work in their given iterations.  I would like to drum up some more support for it, especially since the existence of the panel has occasioned some negative comment.  So please, take a look, and if you know some folks--scholars or not--who might be interested in putting together short papers on the topic, let them know.  Submissions can be emailed to me at

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