Friday, April 13, 2012


Those who read what I write are perhaps aware that I maintain another blog in addition to this one.  Those who are thusly aware might remark that it is odd that I maintain two blogs when I write so rarely as I do in them.  And they would be right...except for the reason behind my bifurcated online commentary.

The other blog I maintain exists to support my teaching.  For the most part, I use it--if insufficiently frequently--to produce examples for my students and to make announcements of upcoming events to them.  I put up on it the kind of writing I would like to see them do, modeling the behavior I hope to see from them (and too seldom do).  Summaries and sample essays go up on it, along with rare musings about classroom practice and teaching philosophy.

I know that I could easily post such things to this blog.  On occasion, I do.  But while I do not take any special pains to hide this blog from my students, I do not advertise its existence to them.  There are a number of things that I post on this blog that are not wholly appropriate for a classroom context--even a college classroom context, which gets to play a bit faster and looser with rules than do the middle and high school classrooms my undergraduate training equipped me to handle.

I try to remain the person I am, as nearly as I can present that person, in all circumstances.  Even so, there are things that my students do not need to have thrust upon them, and listing this blog on my course syllabi, as I do for the other blog I maintain, would rather shove those things into my students' faces.  And that would be rude.

When I am rude, I like to do a better job of it.

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