Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It would seem that I have been recalled to work, thanks to actions by the union to which I belong.  I taught two classes yesterday, one of which I had not taught since my work as a graduate teaching assistant, and I have another such class (one I have not taught in a *long* while) coming up in the next couple of days.

I had not at all expected to have classes, or to have as nice a schedule of them as I have ended up having.  Consequently, I have had to scramble a bit to get things put together--and I am not done with setup yet.  I still need to assemble my course calendars, and I have at least one more syllabus to write.  I am obliged to report in to work today (student advising and faculty meetings happen whether I am assigned to teach or not), and I expect to do much of the work then.

It was nice to have the time to sit and write as I did during the time between jobs.  But I am better served by knowing that I have a paycheck coming in for the next few months.  If nothing else, my bad habits can remain funded for a bit longer--and I am very much a creature of habit.

Among my many habits is the preparation of teaching materials.  I had not expected to need to do so for the summer, so I have not got a great many things ready, but I find that I will have to go to my other blog and the website I maintain in support of my teaching to update them for the unexpected new term.  I have already adjusted other parts of my online presence to suit the changed circumstances; now it will be time to work on others.

It is surprisingly easy to forget how much work work is.  I was remarkably tired at the end of the day yesterday, and I have a fair bit to do today (although most of that will be quiet work done in my cubicle rather than the work of performing in front of the classroom).  Tomorrow, Friday, and Monday, I will have to do accelerated work with the classes I missed.  I was informed of the recall while I was away at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, and I had already booked my flight back to The City.  I think that things will be well--many students do not attend on the first day of classes, and I already have ideas for what I am going to require of them.  But it is going to be quite a bit of work to get things started back up.

How fortunate it is, then, that I am able to do the work of teaching swiftly and well!  And how fortunate it is that I have such work to do!  For the summer, at least...

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