Monday, May 20, 2013


It would seem that the return to work is also prompting a return to some of my less-than-good habits, as evidenced by my lack of work in this venue.  I think it tends to give the lie to the idea that teachers do not work; the time and energy I devoted to maintaining my online presence while I was out of work is more than taken up by the tasks of work.  And it is not only this venue that suffers thereby; another few projects of mine have not gotten updated as they ought to be.  This is not at all to say that I would rather be out of work, however; I can make time for things in and around my teaching schedule, if I but pay attention and apply myself diligently.

There may be some problems with my doing so in the short term, however.  I am dealing with either allergies or an emergent sinus infection, which has me at something other than my best right now.  Feeling feverish at odd intervals is hardly optimal, and the drugs that might help to manage some of the symptoms have an unfortunate tendency to make me light-headed and somewhat...detached from my body, so that they are hardly ideal, themselves.  What I am able to muster, I have to attend to familial concerns, as my in-laws are in The City.  I get along with them more or less well anymore, but having company always imposes some responsibilities, and attending to them necessarily takes me away from some of the other things I do during my non-working hours.

I write now because the time is open and available.  There are advantages to being a morning person, after all.

One of them is that, even in The City, there is a sense of quiet in the morning.  The streets are not deserted, perhaps, but they are far from heavily occupied, either afoot or in vehicle.  The air is still cool (although damp today), and the sun, as it begins to glimmer over the too tall buildings of too densely packed humanity, fosters a growing glow amid the concrete, glass, and steel.  That it s enjoyed by so few, either because they are yet abed or are else ant-like and scurrying to and fro, frenetic in their miles-long tunnels and corridors, is a sad thing to consider.

So, too, that I shall join them soon.  But less so, in that I have again a job to do.

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