Thursday, January 30, 2014


I join my voice
To the many voices calling out
For an end to the weather
(Perhaps the thought is that
We are full of hot air
And so we can serve as a heating system)
Like many others
I weary of being cold
All the time
Like many others
I look at my heating bills
And shiver in a way that has nothing to do with the temperature
Like many others
I hope for heat
But will doubtlessly complain when it comes
Yet I am minded of something that has been said
If it is the case
As the old folks say
That back in their days
They walked uphill in the snow both ways--
For that was when it was really cold--
And the recent weather has been really cold--
Relative, of course, to where you are--
Then only recently has it been as it should be
(As one of exceptional quality said to me
Bug-killing cold
Such as had not come in years
To this place
And to some others I have known)
And if that is in fact the case
It seems to me
That we have been having a hot time of it

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