Friday, February 21, 2014


First, my thanks go to all those who have wished the expanded family well, as well as to those who have offered their help and who have come (or are coming) to help .  Kind thoughts are greatly appreciated, as are kind deeds.

Second, about the new little one: the child was taken off of oxygen support yesterday and has been with my wife in her hospital room since yesterday afternoon.  (I am at Sherwood Cottage to be better prepared for work today; I will be sleeping at the hospital tonight.)  The baby has eaten and has already given her father a chance to practice diaper-changing a couple of times.  (I imagine the novelty will wear off soon.)  We look forward to having the kid home this weekend; I am the wrong kind of doctor to know on my own whether or not we can do so, so I will be listening to the physicians about the matter.

My lovely Mrs. is recovering well from her own surgery; as noted, the baby was early, and given events, came into the world by an imperial path, and that takes its toll on the mother.  She is looking forward to being home as much as I am looking forward to having her and the kid home.

Given the current upheaval, I will not be as able to write as I might otherwise prefer; I will post again as I can...

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