Friday, February 28, 2014


Somehow, I have made it through another month.
Somehow, I have seen how things are changing.
Somehow, I have held things up even as I have seen
How provisional, how precarious, my current life is.

Somehow, I will make things work.
Somehow, I will find stability.
Somehow, I will press on even as I toil
To find work to do and seem to search in vain.

Somehow, I am going to write more.
Somehow, I am going to teach better.
Somehow, I am going to do all of the things
That need doing, and doing by me.

Somehow, I am going to keep up hope.
I have to; no other choice can be accepted.
My life is not my own and has not been for some time.
Those invested in it deserve a return.

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