Sunday, December 4, 2016


The Stupid God extends its hold.
Its acolytes are growing bold
As they find leaders in their mold
And see them grow in power.
No such unifying force
Exists to oppose them, of course,
Because the terms of such discourse
Bespeak much-hated power.
Indeed, the Stupid God has snuck
Into opponents' halls and struck
Them such that they have become stuck
In stultifying power.
Those who evade Stupid God's grasp
Struggle to themselves to clasp
Pandora's Box's lid and hasp
And preserve some small power.
Against crowbars wielded hard
It is no easy task to guard
What was the ivory tower's yard;
Such is the truth of power.
But some will still keep on the fight
In light of day or dark of night,
Knowing that they have the right
Despite Stupid God's power.


  1. And still you do not see the light
    The Stupid God has seen your plight
    He has sent a warrior who, in the night
    Has found your problem's source

    A battery we will go find
    Your little pod it will rewind
    And you will leave Mom's house behind
    As you educate the masses

    Be glad that,now in the know
    To the mechanic you need not go
    Copious funds you need not blow
    Behold Stupid Gods power!

  2. If such a person problems finds,
    It bespeaks still working minds--
    And such minds belie all the signs
    That Stupid God bestows.
    Of one small pod with falt'ring seed
    No song was sung; there was no need
    To say such words for others' heed.
    That, Stupid God bestows.
    And if there is a fighter sent
    On Stupid God's behest, it's bent
    On mind-light dimming, throttling, hent,
    As Stupid God bestows.