Saturday, December 10, 2016


It has been a while since I have posted any prose, lucid or otherwise, to this webspace. I do so now to solicit comment on an idea I've in mind for a bit; I think I know what to do with it, but I am also not so myopic as to think that my ideas are the best without getting some kind of outside input. So comments will be welcome.

I have not made a secret of maintaining another web presence, one whose hub is at There, I have been compiling my scholarly and other professional work and using it as a resource for the continued search for full-time employment and the ongoing search for enough work to keep the lights on in the meantime. (Chimerical, I know.) The idea I have is to consolidate this webspace into that one, to start hosting my ravings and the occasional dash of lucid prose there instead of here.

There are problems in doing so, of course. For one, what I have put into this webspace has not always been the most politic writing. For another, the added work there is like to crowd out some of the other work that needs to be foregrounded--particularly my teaching work. And there are some few concerns of formatting that work better on this platform than that on which I host my more professional endeavors.

On the other hand, consolidating my web presence reduces the amount of work I have to do, which is good. It also seems apt to promote more readership on the other site, which will help it. There are some formatting concerns that are easier to address on the other site, as well, and the other site seems it will be easier to monetize. (I did note still looking for full-time work, did I not?) So I have some reason to think the transfer is a good idea, although I have reservations about doing so.

Because I have such reservations, I am not certain how or if I ought to proceed. As such, I turn to those who do read what I write; they are clearly insightful people of discerning judgment, and their opinions are therefore to be valued. I would be pleased to read them, if they were offered.