Thursday, January 19, 2017


The semester has begun, and I am already behind.
Or, at least, it feels that way; it may be in my mind.
But I feel I have loads to do, and none of it is kind.
The semester has begun again and I am far behind.

The textbooks were not ready--at least, there weren't enough--
And I teach English this term, so it is pretty tough
To make assignments without texts; it comes out fairly rough,
And provokes just a bit too much of student-driven guff.

My office had to move and it is still not set up.
There is but one shelf in the room, not much place for a cup,
And I need many such things; I am no sprightly pup.
And the chairs bite on my ass; I will be standing up.

Other things have vexed me, too; I cannot of them speak.
Some of them will charge a price if I much of them leak.
Some of them require such words as make air foully reek.
But I am glad that this first one is a shortened week.

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