Sunday, January 1, 2017


To begin, this is not a poem. I do have to offer the titular "dash of lucid prose" every so often, after all, and a New Year's post (such as I have made in this webspace here, here, here, and here previously) seems a fine place to do such a thing.
In that line, then, a few comments to make. One is that my earlier question about whether I ought to consolidate my blogging into a single spot received but one answer, and that answer recommended that I keep my trying-to-be-daily efforts in this webspace in this webspace. Consequently, I expect that I will return to my usual versification tomorrow morning, and it will keep happening here. Even so, I expect that I will be working to develop something of an income stream otherwise, as I would like to put my ongoing efforts to some kind of work that will help me to support my Mrs. and Ms. 8 a bit better than I currently do.
Another comment, emerging from the end of the first, is that the Mrs. and Ms. 8 are both well. The former is gainfully employed at a business in her family's ancestral homelands. The latter is thriving in preschool, where she has made friends and is finding her seemingly innate extroversion rewarded and enhanced. My daughter continues to mystify me, but I continue to enjoy the mystery--and her generally sweet disposition. The idea that the world will work against her is one I must consider, both because I am her father and because I am probably more cynical than is good for me, but it is not one that I necessarily relish. It is one of the things about which I hope to be wrong.
Still another comment to be made is that I have two conferences scheduled for the year, both relatively early in it. I will be going to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in February for a popular culture studies conference, and I will return to Kalamazoo, Michigan, in May for the International Congress on Medieval Studies. Given other concerns that press upon me at the moment, I am not certain there will be any others for me in the future (although I will try to continue to go to Kalamazoo; it is quite a fine time), so I will be commenting on them in some detail. Methods will vary, as is appropriate; I have different timelines and different issues of access at each, or I expect to do so. There are some preparations for them that I have yet to make.
To return to an earlier comment, then: the work I mean to do to enhance an income stream might well take place in my other webspace, The "w" is in the name for a reason; I write, as those who have read this webspace know, and I know there are readers who would give to keep reading. It will be a slow start, to be sure, but it is one I am willing to make. Do look there for details as they emerge; I will appreciate the readership and support, as I always do.

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