Saturday, April 8, 2017


Another day is well begun,
And I'll be working to help fund
My wife and daughter having fun--
And I may even join them.

But, still, there's always something wrong,
And I know it won't be long
In coming, though I but sing songs
And do nothing to prevent them.

What's worse is I don't truly care.
Did I, I'd be over there
Where troubles are--but I don't dare
To place myself before them.

But I know I am not alone
In sitting, as if on a throne,
While other in harm's way are thrown--
I would, at least, preserve them.

For if I would not myself go,
If I would not my people throw
Into such places, I well know
I hesitate to throw them

Who have offered up their lives,
And bodies when they do survive,
Where I would not myself arrive.
Perhaps it matters to them.

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