Thursday, April 13, 2017


There are some times I sit and think
About the time that I have wasted
Sitting on my too-thin laurels
After I have success tasted
And I wonder why I did
And why it is I did not more.
If it's true that life's a game,
Why got I not a higher score?
Now I'm in a higher round,
And there's far more for me to lose
If I discern my paths a-wrong
And, seeing ill, the wrong way choose,
For I play not myself alone
But am a member of a team,
So serious is what I do,
Although it still may playing seem.
If I falter, I will fall,
But I can stand again with ease;
The problem is that my lapse
Will take the net from their trapeze,
And so abrupt an ending pleases few.

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