Sunday, March 2, 2014


I am sure that it has been said before
The ivory tower
Legendary bastion of thought and refuge of thinkers from a world that does not value thought
Is under siege

It is subject to a focused and sustained assault
One working to cut off its lines of supply
At the same time it seeks to blast through the walls
And knock them down

Many of the outer defenses have been silenced
The armies in the field routed
And many captives have been taken
And many others have defected

Those who remain are very nearly chained to their stations
Slaves at the oars after an old Asimovian pun
And the restraints chafe mightily
Even as carrying them offers its own strength

Those still in the locked rooms must wonder
If they ought to escape before the manacles are riveted on
If they can slip through the lines of battle--
But where will they go?

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