Friday, March 14, 2014


Happy Pi Day!
Also, a bit:

Spring Break will begin at business-day's end.
Students will seek the sun on the beach--
Sand-strewn water's end, sea's thin girdle--
Resting, relaxing, and raucously feasting,
Though toils the teachers task them with
Are hardly so heavy as halt them from ease
Or would were they wise and diligent.
They wait and hope and pray
And put off work assigned
Until the near-last day
Returns it to their minds.

Look I with longing to lounge about, too,
To rest and relax and relish the quiet.
From five or from seven flee students now--
Professors potent, pen-red wielders.
From fifty or more freed will I be.
Welcome the week which does this is--
Gap in grading and going to classes.
I hear how The Work calls
And how it summons me
Away from empty halls
To tower ivory.

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