Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Today is Groundhog Day, but I find I have little invested in the quaint old observance. It is also the day after the Iowa caucuses, and I find I am little invested in the results. I know what my primary election vote will be, and I know what my order of precedence is for later voting. So that much is decided; unless something drastic happens, I am more or less set in my opinions, and if something drastic enough to change them does happen, news of it will get to me soon enough. My own concerns are much more local than that, much more mundane. And, in truth, they are things I can do something about; I will vote, of course, but I do not expect that my vote will matter much, if it matter at all.

Instead, I focus on things about which I can do something. Among them is the work that I need to do today. I had wanted to get a write-up cranked out yesterday, but that did not happen; I found myself strangely fatigued when my "regular" workday ended, so I took the rest of the day off. I am not entirely pleased to have done so; I feel some regret at not pushing ahead and getting the job done. But I am also aware that I was not in a good position to do the work; I would not have gotten much done well, and I need to do the work well if I am going to do it. Consequently, I have it to do today, and I am confident in getting it done. I have almost always been able to do so before, and I do not feel so badly at this point as would drive me to abandon the job.

Since the Mrs. works today, I will be attending to Ms. 8--as is usually the case on Tuesdays. She continues to grow physically and mentally, talking more and more distinctly, and playing more complex games. (We are already working up to tea parties--although I think she will probably go in more for coffee parties than tea, given the house she lives in. I somehow do not mind.) It will be a pleasure to see her finally reach a point where we can play board games and card games together; I enjoy such things, and she gives every indication of enjoying my company, so it would be a good thing to have happen. There is much I want to share with her, and that she is beginning to be able to receive it from me is decidedly welcome.

And, in a final note, conference activities for my year are gearing up. Although the call for papers I announce here is formally closed, I still have some room in the session it described; if you or someone you know works with how medieval materials are brought forward, I'd be happy to hear about it. Also, the International Congress on Medieval Studies has opened registration, it being February and all; I need to get my registration together, since I am tasked with presenting a paper and presiding over two sessions. I probably ought to see about getting the business meeting arranged for the Tales after Tolkien Society, as well. There will be some things to discuss...

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