Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It is April Fool's Day. I am not doing anything to celebrate it, really. The world is foolish enough without adding to it on purpose.

Work continues as it ever does, both the actions that earn me (not enough) money and those that are the real work, the work on The Work. The students still show up to classes and turn in papers and quizzes (although not enough), so I must make ready lessons and spend time in grading. And I work on other projects, as well, sending out pieces in the hopes that they will make me a bit of money now and again. I have been fortunate enough to have some luck in that regard, and more recently than in the past. It is a tendency I hope to see continue.

It is not the only such tendency. Another is displayed by Ms. 8. She continues to grow stronger and more alert by the day. Yesterday, I saw her picking up her head and rolling up onto her side--entirely unassisted. She also does a fair pantomime of crawling; once she actually figures out how to get traction, she will be off like a shot, I think. I do not know whether or not I look forward to it; I am of course happy to see my daughter grow, but I know that she, being curious, will get into a number of things. Some of them will hurt her; my books, being full of knowledge, are heavy, and heavy things fall with great force onto the heads of babies who pull upon them. (If any of you who read this have good plans for building bookcase fronts, I would be happy to see them. If any of you are willing to come to Sherwood Cottage and help me build such fronts--or new bookcases entirely--I would be happy to see you.)

Appreciated also is the tendency towards warmer weather that has been evidenced around Sherwood Cottage. Not every day is warmer than the last; today is supposed to be about twenty degrees cooler. Even so, it is far warmer than it has been, such that even I, indoorsman as I proudly am, am happy to be out in the weather. Spring has managed to slip in around here, and I am glad to see it. If nothing else, the verdure makes the wintry gray the more intense by contrast--but I like many of the things that spring brings. (Flowers, for instance, although not in themselves but because they lead to honey--and honey leads to other things I like.) I like not having to spend so much money to heat my house; it is not cheap to do it here. (Indeed, it seems like I pay more to do it here than I did in The City, where everything is supposed to be more expensive.) I like also getting to use the natural light; it strikes the eye differently, and that difference--as with many differences--is quite useful.

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