Friday, April 25, 2014


Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Don't miss the sale!
Christmas is only eight months away!
Shop now and beat the rush!
Shop now and get the deals!
Shop now and we'll save you money!

You want to save money, right?
You want to save people, too?
You do know you really can't do both?
We can only cut prices by cutting labor costs,
And we can't cut what we pay at the top, right?
That'd be un-American.

And why would you want to save people?
If they are in trouble, they did it to themselves.
If they get saved, they will compete with you.
They will take some and so you will have less.
They will have a thing and so you will have to get a better thing.
Come buy! We have all the things!
Brightest and newest!
Show that you have it to spend by spending it!
Otherwise, nobody will love you.
You know we only love people for their toys;
The more, the more;
The better, the better;
And better is what costs most.
You get what you pay for,
And you pay for us to tell you to pay for us.

But don't miss the sale.

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