Sunday, April 13, 2014


Some things I have noticed:

In a restroom stall, I saw a scrawling where someone had identified a smear of shit. Another had commented that it was a crappy situation. I did not know if it was fair to dump on somebody in such a way. Really, should it have been pooh-poohed as it was?

People have strange ideas about where things come from. Where they get them, I do not know. Why they cling to them in the face of better knowledge, I also do not know.

Those with pollen allergies have more of a right to complain about sex they are not getting. Except that they are getting it, aren't they?

Whenever you smell something, it is because small pieces of it are going up your nose. Breathe deeply.

In some sense, teachers are paid to provide a service. In a related sense, students get presented as the customers of those teachers. (It is not an accurate presentation.) Is it not strange, then, that almost every student has asked, and many continue to ask, to be let out of class early?

Democracy is a bad idea. It relies on the notion that the people are capable. When in human history has this been the case?

I feel pity for those who do not feel about anything the way I feel about The Work. Life annoys even with an overriding passion on which to focus it. Without such a thing, how do people endure?

Each of us has deserved to be smacked. Some of us will deserve it again.

Your results may vary.

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