Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The last time I wrote on an April 8 was in 2011, and I discussed explication, scansion, and limericks. To mark the occasion, more limericks:

My uncle, the late Denny Hardy,
Most certainly knew how to party.
He'd get up the skirt,
Into pants, and down shirt
Of women both demure and tarty.

My brother, whom I'll call DJ,
Is known for knowing how to play.
His seven positions
And easy transitions
Have often taken breath away.

The professing life is a test
For those who respond to young breasts
That jiggle and bounce
As their owners flounce.
My response may not be best.

You know, I think there's a trick
To writing a good limerick.
A good sense of rhyme
And a good sense of time
Help, but the damned syllable count comes off as kind of a dick.

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