Monday, May 26, 2014


I have no substantive discussion of Memorial Day to offer this year, as I have in the past. I am in the Texas Hill Country with family. It is generally good for the soul but not so good for the kind of free reading and focused investigation that makes for any kind of critical work--even the glancing, passing bits of it I do in this webspace.

The trip has been markedly damp, and it is most welcome. The part of the world where I grew up has had a dearth of rain in recent years, so that any water coming from the heavens is welcome. Storm systems have been moving through and look like they will continue, and it is a happy sight. I wish I could take credit for it, in fact, but I am not so mighty.

Ms. 8 has benefited from the trip (and it was largely for her benefit that we have made it). She is getting to meet members of the extended family who have wanted to meet her and who have been excited about her being in the world. They have been kind to her, and I take comfort in knowing that she is well loved by my people.

Being grandparents seems to agree with my parents. Ms. 8 is their first grandchild (which makes sense, given that I am their first child and she is mine), and they are quite enamored of her. It is good to see, and it is also good to see that my younger brother seems very much happy to be the uncle that Ms. 8 has made him.

That I am in a position to see and to appreciate such things is in part the work of those who have gone before, who have fought and died in places far and near, and I thank them for it. Problematic as it may be, I thank them. My daughter is good to have in my life, and the costs that have accrued in bringing her to be are remote...

I imagine that I will have some more thinking to do.

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