Thursday, May 29, 2014


I have lived in many places
Where rain is always welcome
Places where the dust rises quickly
Places where the soil cracks and flakes
Places where sun stands close to earth
And claps people on the shoulder
With a burning touch

When the rain comes to those places
It comes in many guises
Blessing and curse

At times
It is a steady drizzle
Annoying as it occludes windshields
Annoying as it dampens but does not wet
Annoying as the sun returns
And the drizzle vanishes from sight
But not from the feeling against the skin

At times
It is a solid rain
Doing much good as it falls from the heavens
Ouranian seed
Onanistic or conjugal matters not
Helping the earth to bring forth life again

At times
It is a great gray curtain
Falling in continuous cascades
Sealing each off from each
Stealing sight and smothering sound
Refracting light away into a darkening leaden monotony
Drowning out all other sounds with its percussive sibilance
Save the thunder's peal
Flashing sometimes into flood
And sweeping what was once away
Destructive as fire
Supportive of life

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