Monday, June 2, 2014


Some observations:

George was the talented Gershwin. Or Ira was caught by genre conventions that served no good end, while George was able to get around generic rules. Which I suppose makes him the talented brother, anyway. (Interesting things come up in my musical selections.)

When work comes in, it comes in in abundance.

I mowed the yard yesterday. It rained last night. I am suddenly glad that I mowed the yard when I did.

Pelican gumbo needs to be a thing if it is not already. I can't explain why, and I think it would ruin the joke if I did.

North central Oklahoma is surprisingly humid. There are no major bodies of water nearby; I have no idea where it comes from.

I really, really do not know why showtunes are as popular as they are. I also do not know why so many swing vocalists have the kind of vibrato they do. It makes taking them seriously as singers difficult, as if they cannot actually support the notes they hit.

Darker is better for bread, for beer, and for "classical" music. (Scare quotes are used because "classical" is too broad a term; there are a number of forms within the category, which I remember from the two-year mistake of being a music major, but investigations of which were which was a third-year class.)

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