Sunday, June 8, 2014


Congratulations are in order for my cousin and his wife who are now proud parents of a healthy baby boy. While I am not exactly clear about my titular relation to the kid, it is good to see that the family is expanding. May they enjoy many years of happiness and health!

Aside from that news, matters at Sherwood Cottage proceed much as they have these past few weeks. My wonderful wife works still, and I stay home with Ms. 8 most days. In the free time that taking care of her permits me, I tend to household chores, mostly in keeping the floors clean and the dishes washed. Laundry happens as it needs to happen. (I retain my feelings about the dishes and the laundry, however.) I cook the occasional meal. Things work out reasonably well, overall.

I also continue my writing. There are the posts to this webspace to make, as well as the work curating the Tales after Tolkien Society blog to do. Since I have been given my course assignments, I also have work on my teaching blog to do, and I probably ought to also work both on the teaching website I maintain and the more formal course materials for my classes (syllabi, course calendars, and the like). There is also the work to do for upcoming conferences; the next one on my schedule is the Evil Incarnate conference at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, for which I have to write the paper whose abstract is here. And there are always other projects to do...

It is a good life, overall. There is good work to do and plenty, and there are opportunities for improvement of self and circumstance. My family is healthy and growing, and I have enough to eat. And I can sit and write, even if I get distracted form it from time to time.

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