Saturday, June 7, 2014


We tell people
To keep their chins up
To look up and look ahead

It seems sometimes that we do so
To strike them in the face more easily

Many times
Those who hear
They are to keep their chins up
To look up and look ahead
Are those whose eyes are focused
On the next step
On making sure they see the dog shit
Sitting on the sidewalk
Where people have allowed it to remain
After their dogs crapped it out
Disregarding the needs of others

They would stop and pick it up
Despite the dogs not being their own
Because they know
If they might step in it
Another might
And it might be before that one
Comes home

Tracking shit into the house
Is not a happy thing

Yet such people
Have their heads down
As well as their eyes
Because they are bent under burdens
Struggling to carry many things
Some they need
Some that what they need needs
Some that got thrown on there
From sources they could not see
Since their eyes were watching
For dog shit

Can they be blamed?

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