Monday, January 4, 2016


Work continues, as ever it must. I have a few items left to complete on one task before sending it off for review. Afterwards, I have preparations to make for my classes in the upcoming term (it begins in a week), and I have a book to read for a write-up that needs to get done in haste. The reading, at least, should go quickly; the book is short and is a work of popular romance. I have read the author's work before, and I found it akin to a liquid diet; it is taken in quickly, and it leaves just as fast. So I have some hope of getting things done in the next couple of days so that I can be ready to move on to the next thing. It is not as if my "to do" list has an end in sight at any time near to hand, after all--as if anyone's ever actually does.

The Mrs., Ms. 8, and I had a visit from an old friend yesterday. The Mrs. and I have known said friend for more than ten years now, having met her while we were all in graduate school; Ms. 8 has known her for most of her life. She seems to be doing reasonably well, our friend, finding that teaching at the secondary level has substantial rewards and positioning herself to find yet others through particular programs that involve teaching at the secondary level. (Were I not in the position of having had, and having let lapse, certification to teach, I might avail myself of them. But I am, and so I am given to understand that I am not eligible for them. But I do not think I could go back to that kind of teaching, not because I am "too good" for it, but because I am not likely good enough a teacher to do it anymore.) It was good to see our friend, to be sure; it had been entirely too long. We understand about having to go where the work requires, though; it is for that reason we are at Sherwood Cottage even now, handling the dry chill that pervades the area this winter so far.

The visit is done, though, and things are beginning to return to some semblance of normalcy after two weeks of disrupted calendars and crazy travel plans. How long it will take for them to get back to "normal" and how long they will remain so is yet to be seen; I know that my teaching schedule will be somewhat disordered by another observance soon enough. I think I will be able to adapt readily enough, however; I always seem to do so. Having so much work to keep me busy is a help with that; the amount to do changes little, even if the kinds of things to be done differ. And that, too, is as it is for many if not for most or all.

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