Friday, January 29, 2016


I had forgotten that today is payday. I remembered, though, and in time to pay bills this morning. That task is more or less done now; other bills will be coming in soon enough, but I cannot pay them until they do. All that have come to me for the month are paid, and that is enough for the moment. My bank accounts do not thank me for it, but those parts of my life that rely on bills being paid--those that like having a place to live and a vehicle to get me from place to place--certainly do. And I am sure that the Mrs. and Ms. 8 will, as well; they are currently asleep and so do not yet know that I have done as I have done to ensure that they may remain at Sherwood Cottage. Ms. 8 likely will never be, but the Mrs. will...

On the topic of Ms. 8: I have noted that I do not often recall my dreams, so that when I do, it is notable. I recall one I had today; I woke from it some ten minutes before I had set my alarm to ring. In it, Ms. 8 had shat her diaper--but that is not unusual, given her age. She had shat it spectacularly--but that is, again, not out of line, as I have known her to do it on more than one occasion. What stands out as strange in recollection are two things. The first is that she was wearing all pink, which is something I try to avoid when dressing her and which the Mrs. also tries to avoid, partly because the all-pink ensemble annoys me and partly because neither of us wants to encourage her towards princessification. (Quite enough of that will happen without our promoting it, thank you very much.) The second is that nobody but me seemed to notice the spreading brown smear on her--and I was prevented from taking care of the matter for some reason I do not recall from the dream. Even the Mrs., who is far from inattentive to her daughter, neglected to work on the problem--and a shit-covered toddler is a problem. What the symbolism indicates is unclear to me, although I would welcome ideas about its interpretation.

Whatever dreams may come will likely have less time to do so over the next few days, as work continues. I have another freelance order, one treating an author with whom I am unfamiliar; it will be interesting to experience new characters and a new writing style. I also have additional work to do on a different paid project. Further, students in three of my classes have papers coming in, and I must attend to them over the weekend. Far from minding, I am happy to have the work to do. I did just pay bills, and I do have more coming in, and payday on its own does not pay quite as much as I would like to have it do...

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