Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I am aware that it is later than I usually write in this webspace. Part of it is that I overslept; I missed when I went to push the snooze button and turned off my alarm altogether, and I evidently need more rest than I have gotten. Part, though, is that I just got back to Sherwood Cottage from my polling place; I voted, and if you have not, you should, too. (How I voted is none of your damned business.) There was a bit of a snag as I did so, admittedly; the polling workers had forgotten some changes to the voting rules in Oklahoma. I think I was the first one to come to them under those rules; it was an honest flub, easily addressed, and no harm done. So I have my sticker, and one of the things that I had meant to do today is removed from the list of things that I need to do.

There are others, of course, since work continues. I am in the midst of preparing a sample infographic portfolio for my students, addressing an assignment new to the regular sequence expected for the classes I am teaching in my primary position. It is not a thing I have done before, so I am having a bit of a struggle with it, but I am moving through it well enough. Whether my students will fare similarly is unclear to me; they are purportedly digital natives, but I have seen that many of them are...less adept in a number of computing principles and techniques than even I, a humanities scholar taught on the trailing edge of "traditional" schooling, am. But it is a useful exercise, one that helps me to anticipate problems the students will have as well as to develop and demonstrate my own proficiency in producing documents of various sorts.

In addition, I should probably see about drafting a sample annotated bibliography for my students in another class, although that exercise will go more easily for me, given how familiar I am with the task. No freelance order is as yet waiting for me (although I would not be surprised to see one come in today; such things happen, and I am glad that they do, since I make a fair bit of money on it), so I have some time to attend to other things, and I have some other writing that needs catching up on. I am looking forward to getting things done, and maybe there will be some helpful election returns to see later on in the day.

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