Thursday, December 31, 2015


Today is again the day of looking back, one prompted by the wholly arbitrary calendar in force across much of the world--a calendar inaccurate in its underpinnings, since Dionysius Exiguus was in error, and one not consonant with observable phenomena at this point. I have addressed reflection several times before in this webspace--here, here, here, and here--and so I do not feel a need to do as I did last year and give summaries of my earlier posts. Revisiting some of the ideas broached in them, especially the latter two, might be good, but now is not the time for it; doing so would require more time and materials than I have ready to hand, the more so since work continues.

2015 has been a busy year for me. I have done much work, both in my regular job and as a freelancer, and doing so has been of material benefit to my family. My web presence has received some modification, and I think it is better for the changes on display here. A book chapter came out, and another is under review, while several papers meant for print and presentation are in various stages of composition. (None of them are as far along as I would like.) I have also written no small number of job applications, and I continue to hold out some hope that at least one of them will resolve in my favor. All of this is in addition to the work I do to keep the household running while the Mrs. does her work, as well as to the happy job of taking care of Ms. 8.

From what I can see so far, 2016 looks similarly poised to be busy. I have a freelance job in progress at the moment; I may be able to finish it today, but it may well extend into tomorrow. Another awaits attention; it is due two weeks into the year. I am sure that others are coming, and I still have to machine up syllabi--the more so since course requirements for three of the four classes I have have shifted. Too, there are still job applications to write, and there will be until I manage to secure something resembling steady employment; my current position remains temporary, and matters approach that strongly suggest an end to it is coming. (Freelancing helps, but I cannot depend upon it. Not yet, anyway.)

The temptation to reflect is often a temptation to dwell on error. Even now, I am distracted by thoughts of what I did poorly and what I did decently but could have done well. Sadistic and masochistic as I evidently am, those distractions are alluring; I have said that I am far from immune to the attractions of nostalgia, after all. But even on this day of the backward look, there are better things to do and more than to sigh with longing after another twelve months gone. It is time that I got to doing some of them.

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