Wednesday, May 4, 2016


May the Fourth be with you, always, but especially on this day, this Jedi Day, with the horrible pun that, as I think on it, relies on the idea of speech impediments (Is that the current term? I do not wish to undercut those who experience such situations by using the wrong terms for them.) being funny. So I suppose that after some years of marking the occasion, I really ought to stop making the joke. And, really, it is a hackneyed pun at this point; I should be doing better.

Less bad-jokingly, today marks the sixth anniversary of my posting in this webspace; I have commented about the date in such regard before, and more than once. Matters largely continue as I have attested in previous years. At present, I face administering exams and grading them, and I have travel plans that commence shortly after I wrap things up where I am, so I have to get things done quick, fast, and in a hurry--while still doing things right. And I am facing a loss of employment with no certain prospects, although I doubt I will receive a call while I am at the International Congress on Medieval Studies saying that I have had my contract suddenly renewed. Not this time.

Work continues even so, however. I recently pushed through a series of short definitions in response to a series of freelance orders. Each paid only a little, but I can dash off fifty words in a scant few minutes, and lots of small things combine into larger ones quickly. I am looking at taking on additional other freelance work, although how I will work out the timing will be interesting, given the travel plans in the next week and the move to come shortly thereafter. The Texas Hill Country calls, and I must answer, despite the opprobrium cast upon the area and its indwellers by a great many. Perhaps once I have arrived there, I will be able to spend a bit of time attending to one writing concern or another. With luck, I will be able to write enough, and well enough, to be able to bring in some money for my family from it once again. I have appreciated the past weeks of less strain on my person, but the concomitantly greater strain on my finances has been less welcome...

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