Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Work continues, as ever it must.

I have wrapped up a bit more of the paperwork stemming from my recent trip to Michigan and the International Congress on Medieval Studies. The idea that the Tales after Tolkien Society should keep some record of the papers presented in its name has long seemed to me to be a good one, and although I do not think it will be possible to go back and get most of the abstracts from the first years of presentations, there is no reason we cannot be better about keeping track of them moving forward. Doing so for the 2016 Congress is a first step in that line, and one well worth taking; I am glad to have taken it, with the record appearing on the Tales after Tolkien Society blog, here.

Packing for the relocation to the Texas Hill Country also continues. I have been breaking down my desk so that it can move over, and I have gotten a fair bit of work done to that end. There is a fair bit more to do, however, and so I will be pressing ahead with it in the next few days as I am able to do so. I cannot completely take it down yet, however, since work does continue, and some of it even pays in the short term (as the Society work does not and the time spent attending to this webspace cannot). Since bills continue to come in, it is good that I have things to do--and as long as I have them to do, I have to have space and equipment with which to do them. Hence the desk remains for now.

A freelance order came in yesterday. I have bought the text and begun my reading; I was somewhat distracted by other things (paperwork, laundry, vacuuming, dishwashing), so I have not finished the text yet. But I expect it will not be long until I get the reading done, and the writing should proceed relatively quickly thereafter; I should be able to bring in the usual fee from the work in short order. It will help the family as we move forward, and that is the thing towards which I work. And I suppose I ought to get back to work...

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