Thursday, May 12, 2016


I am at the 2016 International Congress on Medieval Studies, where I am currently between panels. I am not presenting today; I am simply attending today. Tomorrow, I present and preside over a couple of things. Saturday, I preside over a panel. After that, who knows? But I mean to enjoy myself while I am here. If I can get my notes and things in order, I might even be able to offer up some reports of things in my personal blog (the one you are reading right now, you lucky person, you), as well as on my more professional blog (the one at and the Tales after Tolkien Society blog ( If I cannot get my notes together in time to offer daily reports or some such thing, then I can at least give an after-conference report and analysis of the things that I have been doing and will have been doing. So there should be something to show for my attendance here, and perhaps some return to what I ought to be doing from what I have not been doing: writing.

That I have been neglectful of putting pen to paper and fingers to keys in the last days is clear. I have been traveling, among other things. And there is more traveling for me to do, so I am not done with the interruptions to my regularly scheduled posting. I do not expect the interruptions to run past the end of May 2016, however, so while there will doubtlessly be more lacunæ in my work here, they should diminish or cease by the time June arrives to do...whatever it is to the May flowers that April's showers, piercing the droughts of March to their roots, engender that June does. (Parse the sentence; it makes sense.) For now, though, I have not got my notes yet in order, so I will see about attending to that...after I get some other business done...

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