Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Work continues, of course. I was able to get the reading done for my freelance piece yesterday; the write-up is started, and I expect to be able to get it done in the next day or so. (I have until Friday. It will not take that long.) Whether more work will be forthcoming, I do not know; in some ways, I hope not, since I will soon be moving into a fairly intense cycle of grading, but I am mindful of the money that my freelance work brings into the household. Since I am still acculturated to the idea that I ought to be bringing money into the household, the latter concern carries more weight with me than the former.

That does not mean, of course, that I will neglect my classroom work. I have not yet; part of why the freelance write-up is only started is that I drafted a sample essay for my students, one that runs to a longer ten pages. It will help guide students in each of the classes I teach this term towards better work on their own projects--or that is the idea. Some favorable attention has already accrued to the essay; I tend to post samples on my more professional blog, where they can be seen and perhaps do some good. (That they allow me to develop a professional portfolio helps, as well.) I have a few other things to take care of in that line, some of which will occupy my otherwise unclaimed office time in the next few days.

The freelancing and classroom work, of course, are not the only concerns that face me, although many of the others are being pushed aside in favor of the work that pays. Not all are, though. For example, preparations for the International Congress on Medieval Studies continue; my paper has been ready for some weeks, now, and travel plans are being cemented. A commendable colleague will be going with me this time, and I am in a position to be able to introduce said colleague to some of the luminaries of early modern studies, so I will be doing that--among the many other enjoyable things the Congress has to offer. Additionally, attention to my family persists, as it ought. Ms. 8 is increasingly verbal; yesterday, she asked for "More berries, please," and she said "Thank you" without being prompted. Her propensity toward climbing is perhaps less pleasant, particularly when she tries to use my (overly generous) love handles to do so (it is a strange sensation, being used as a ladder by a toddler, and not entirely comfortable). But it still shows that she is growing, and that she has an increasing sense of herself and her capabilities, and I am glad to see both. I enjoy having a reason to make sure that my work continues.

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