Friday, April 8, 2016


For something of a retrospective today, a look back not at last year's treatment of The Patriot Threat, but rather earlier years' treatments of limerick (and the NSFW label should apply):

Political games played by fools
Often transgress many rules
Of couth and decorum
The people ignore 'em
And watch, entertained by the tools

The verses come in no real order
No system applies to their hoarder
Who gathers together
The arrayed words whether
Or not they've been through a sorter

The cat out of the window stares
Looking at birds or at hares
We feed the damned thing
It eats like a king
And like a king, it never cares

And so it has come to pass
That thunder proceeds from the ass
That heavenly farting
That leaves the ear smarting
And makes the celestial a gas

Looking for jobs really sucks
The frantic search for a few bucks
That come from done work
For an arrogant jerk
Will leave me ungiving of fucks

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