Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It would seem that I have a short reprieve. There are no papers to grade and no assignment sheets to write. My lessons for the next teaching day are already planned. There is no freelance work facing me. Today, therefore, I get to work on other things; I get to write on my own projects, and to do so at my ease. It will be welcome, certainly; I have not been able to take the chance to do so for a while, and I have missed it. I doubt I will get to the point of being done with any of the projects I currently have in progress, of course; one day is not likely to be enough, particularly with some of the things I have in the works and on which I am moving oh, so slowly. But it will be good to make some progress on things; it will be good to leave more words on the page than I found. Perhaps I will even be able to make sure that they are good words, such that I can benefit from them financially and in terms of my career.

I have taken strange steps regarding the latter. Yesterday, I petitioned to have my old teaching certification reactivated; if the petition is successful, and I believe it will be, I will suddenly be eligible to take on teaching positions in Texas public high schools. As such, many more job opportunities will become available to me than had been the case. One such is at the high school from which I graduated, in fact, and I have applied to it (making the explicit note that my certification is in the process of reactivation, since the application asks after it). The idea of returning to secondary school, of going back to the career I had envisioned while I was early in my undergraduate work, is odd. The idea of returning to the secondary school I attended, even to do so on the other side of the classroom from where I sat while I was there, is even more so. But I have long been a scholar; I am accustomed to odd ideas. It would not be a bad thing to have such a job as I have applied for...

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