Friday, April 15, 2016


Although it is not US Tax Day--that is Monday, as it happens--taking a look back at things is still worth doing. The records I have left in this webspace about today--2012, 2014, and 2015--track an interesting progression, one that bespeaks a loss of stability in 2013 (which happened, in the event). The 2012 post reflects on a particular set of work and practices that relied on assumptions of stability and continuation that proved false. While the work has since continued, the way in which it has had to do so has caused a shift away from the identified practices. To put it in relevant terms--once again--I have had much occasion to try to pull livestock out of nearby ditches. At present, I find that the stock is still mired in the muck that gathers at the bottom of the culvert, and I am not certain I can get myself out of it at this point. Whether rains will come or a dredging crew will find me, I am not sure, but I am concerned that neither option will end well.

The 2014 and 2015 posts both speak to the search that even now continues, and with some greater sense of urgency against the knowledge that my visit is ending (although with some strange certainty, since some plans are in place). I am still looking for continuing work, something that will allow me some semblance of stability so that I can provide more and better for Ms. 8. I admit that I am in something of a hiatus in that regard, with some applications still outstanding but other direct searching in abeyance until more information comes in and the plans that are in place--those noting a relocation--are enacted; it is hard to keep looking while in transit, and it is harder to be found. I rather need to be found, preferably by someone who has a large sum of money to give me, so I am waiting for a bit--although I am still looking around as I work on the rest of what needs my attention. The visit is ending, to be sure, but it is not ended, not quite yet.

And there is much that will need my attention before Tax Day. (My taxes are not part of it; those are done and paid. I still benefit from tax money, though, so I still thank those who pay their fair share into the system.) Three stacks of papers are slated to come in today, and, since they are review versions meant to help the students improve their performance on the heavily-weighted penultimate assignment (it constitutes nearly a third of their total grade), I really need to get them marked over the weekend. I read quickly, and I grade reasonably quickly as a result, but there are still quite a few papers on their way to me, and assessing them will take no small amount of time--even for me. I am fortunate that the Mrs., who has herself been a collegiate instructor, understands the grading burden (even if she rightly questions my practice in the particular circumstance), but it is still not the thing I would most like to be doing...

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