Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I continue to try to get back to myself from the diminution of the past days. I was not gravely ill, to be sure; nothing about me said I needed to be hospitalized, and I am better than I was. But I was out of sorts, and I did get behind, and catching up is taking some effort. It is markedly annoying, and I do not need the annoyance at the moment (as if I need it at any point); a class turns in papers today, with three others doing so on Friday, and I need to have all of them back with comments by Monday. It will be a busy time, therefore, and not the kind that rewards me moving more slowly than I normally do or having to negotiate the annoyance of thoughts muddled by the intrusions of bodily deficiencies. More are popping up, therefore; I would seem to have picked up several splinters in the past few days, although I do not recall when I would have done so. They, too, annoy, making my work harder to do than it needs to be. I will endure, of course, and I will get my work done, but I am not pleased to have to handle the annoyances so that I may do so.

Aside from the annoyance, however, there is little to report. Things go more or less well at Sherwood Cottage and for its indwellers. The Mrs. is exploring new paths with some success; we await news as to whether her performance has merited continuation. (It is not an easy thing to do, to be sure. Waiting is worse than working, by far.) Her regular work continues, going more or less smoothly; nothing is going wrong for her on that front, and that is something of a relief. Ms. 8 continues to be precocious as she learns to do new things--including whistling, both with lips and with toys that make noise. (They were quite fun for me over the last days, when the annoyances included headaches that would not cease.) My mother-in-law will be visiting soon, as well; she has some business in the area, and it is only sensible that she would come by when she is nearby. We do much the same with her, after all, and I cannot say it is a bad thing to repay favors done me and mine.

Also, as I believe shows up, I am working to refine my paratextual presentation in this webspace. Whether it is doing any good, I have no idea; I do not have the separation from the work I do in this webspace to be able to assess it fairly. I continue to be amused by my doing so, though, and I suppose that will have to be enough. I have long since decided that I will not monetize this particular endeavor; I am sure the hosting agency does, but the conditions it imposes for my doing so do not sit well with me, as I have noted at some point which I will not at present go back and find. If nothing else, it can serve as the free and public offering I make to encourage people to look at what I do for money; if what I do gratis pleases, it stands to reason that what I do for pay will be all the more so. Or such is the kind of thing I can imagine that people might someday think, once I actually have something to show off about a bit...I supposed I will need to practice more. How fortunate, then, that I have this space in which do to it!

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