Friday, April 29, 2016


Several things attract attention today. One of them is that today is payday--and so it is also pay-the-bills day. I have already attended to the latter, knocking out as many of the bills as I am able; there are a few that have yet to come in for the month. They'll get paid when they do, though. And I will be having to make arrangements to have them cease before terribly long; when the Mrs., Ms. 8, and I move away from Sherwood Cottage at the end of May, I mean to stop paying for things I'll not be using anymore (insofar as I can; I am under contract for the rent, and I may not be able to get out of the lease easily). It makes sense to me that I would do so, although I wonder about the paperwork I'll need to do. And I will in some senses miss having the things the bills buy for me--those that I will be setting aside. Others will, of course, continue; the shuttlepod is moving south with us, and it may come in handy, given the highway driving I expect to get to do.

Another thing that attracts attention is that it is the last class day of the term. I will be giving exams next week, but they do not adhere to the regular schedule that has prevailed throughout the previous few months. I am not sure how I feel about the matter; I am not necessarily happy to get to do the grading that presents itself to me for the weekend and the early part of next week, and I am looking forward to what is coming up--and a few things are, about which I will no doubt wax poetic in the next days--but I will also miss some of what I have here, some of the things upon which I have come to rely as commonplaces. And there are some students whose presences in my classroom and in my office have been enjoyable; I will miss working with them, however few or many they may happen to be. The same is true for some colleagues, with whom I have grown friendly over the years; I will not be so happy to leave them, although the situation demands it, and there are rewards.

I had thought I had had a third thing, but that seems not to be the case anymore. The idea is lost, and I am annoyed that it is so; knowing I had one and not knowing what it is anymore vexes. But so do many other things. I suppose I ought to face them as they come; I do not see that I have any other option available.

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